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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 3, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ >> we began with the developing new story that we are falling. the u.s. supreme court takes no
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action on same-sex marriage cases. one of the cases california's prompt 8. california courts have ruled prompt 8 to be unconstitutional. if however they decide to hear the case that same-sex marriages will remain on hold until the court makes a decision. which may not come down until june of next year. >> traffic is a little heavy this morning and at least it is dry. this will stay dry for the next 24 hours and will pick up some light rain. it is a cool start for the morning. we do have a ground fog forming an is limited. it is not until later on this evening that was saved, conditions.
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here's a look get the numbers it is 45 out the door. i will look there were these are suspected to go one way return. >> we're keeping an eye on venesection from walnut creek it 680 south bond. an accident was reported and there was not in the lines but in the shoulder. chp stated that they just rolled up on the same so they may get it completely cleared shortly. is not considered a hot spot yet. the big news that we are following. >> supporters of prop. 8 appealed to the supreme court. they will not hear the case. then the california ruling will stand. same-sex marriage
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will be legal in california. >> there are 10 cases that are involving these--the others involve the federal. latency when the core meets again on friday or monday. >> to date cleanup is
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underway after the weekend storms. one big problem after the third round of storms hit is falling trees. trees fell all over the bay area. in lafayette residents of one house came home to find a big tree had fallen in their yard sunday morning. pg&e crews did all they could to fix this. also in lafayette, a massive sinkhole popped up from the rains. kron 4 urs will train joins us live from moss said. >> this is the damage that a cole's. there is no ground underneath and this is why this is as close as that will allow us to go. on the left side of your screen there is a pipe that broke and the debris snapped it. they managed to turn up the water but because this
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connects to several residents they are using gardening hoses to tap into many of the systems to run water into the home. on the right side this is a 12 in. pipe and this is the big one. it has a few cracks in it. there is a part of it here and it fell on the side and not directly on top of it. it never snapped in half but this carries a million gallons of water and they still have to make repairs. they-a bullet here and as far as this street some of the crew members are walking around this morning. they stated that it will take a least a couple of months to make the permanent repairs. >> they're talking to pga,
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the mud and the cemetery areas. the cemetery district as soon as an happened on sunday morning they came on the redline and this line connects to homes that are normally rely on these pipes. this is for their toll is a kitchen sinks. coming up a 738 and will show you the creek and what caused it. >> i see a hand rednecks steel is this every man? >> underneath thi roadway there is there is a lot more coming down and the debris in close different things that blocked the pipes running underneath here and this is water that is accumulating. this is what
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caused this roadway to give and because it has been blocked peopl who live here have to go around instead of driving justed mahler to to connect to highway 24. this is a major inconvenience for months for people on mountain view drive. >> both sides on the fiscal cliff sings to be apart. the president once said end the bush era tax cuts for people who make $250,000 a year. without a deal, and average middle-class family cut pay about $2,000 a year more in taxes. house speaker john boehner blames the stall made on the obama of ministration. he says that
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they are not taken republicans seriously with their plan to close loopholes and limit deductions without raising taxes. the democratic controlled senate has already voted to extend the bush does for and comes under too much of a $50,000 and letting the others expire. moody's is predicting that there will be released a short-term deal reached before the end of the year. >> harris said live look from our roof here on van ness avenue in san francisco. you should enjoy today because there is wet weather still on their way.
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>> we are watching wall street. it u.s. builders boosted construction spending in october of the most of five months, led by housing. strong all sales from ford and chrysler. u.s. manufacturing shrinks to its lowest level since july of
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2009, first month after a recession. this is shaving off the gains that we had. >> delta airlines is in talks to buy a 49% stake in virgin atlantic airways. those shares are currently owned by singapore airlines. the mold is in an effort by delta to boost its international operations. particularly between new york and london. a number of mergers in recent years has reshaped the airline industry and analysts say that high oil prices may even lead to more takeovers in the years to come. >> 20 years ago today a man named neil papworth said the
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first ever text message. he used a computer terminal to send a message merry christmas to a colleague cell phone. taxing is now the single most widely used application in the world. a 1% a mobile phone users send text messages. here is a live look pitcher bay bridge approach. traffic is low is a pretty slow. erica was the word on whether just a bit.
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>> here in the news room we are monitoring the flood concerns in the south bay. residents there gathered at still bus crossing over you've discreet in gilroy to watch as the water began to rise. the water often goes over the road bear but at this point it had not yet crescent the roadway. meanwhile a nearby levee was able to withstand the excess water. however there was flooding in other parts of gilroy that shut down some rose and sentries crashing down.
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>> residents gathered over the weekend to watch this water get higher and higher. at this point it has not gone all the road yet. this is good news. >> the water will not be
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flowing today and this is a good day for us to clean up. >> we have about 24 hours of a drive break. we will see light rain early afternoon for the north bay. this is a slow mover that will pick up an intensity for wednesday morning. if you should enjoy the dry conditions while they last. visibility is poor in the north bay and we have fall develop in the ballot. it was just 5 mi. of visibility over and napa up. i do have live coverage and this is not a lot to keep--into the afternoon ever run will be a rough 50 degrees dreadful
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let's take a look at the five day rainfall total. here are some really impressive amounts. >> downtown san francisco was set 4 in. and we did see a lot rain over the weekend. satellite and radar system and another assistant will increase throughout the course of the day and it will pick up overnight. we do have light rain for 9:00 a.m.. this will continue to drag as we head into lunchtime prayer ye. this will p in intensity over night and when people are sleeping about 9:00 a.m. on wednesday morning will be another messy one. you should allow dresser venture time for your wednesday morning commute. >> one day around the bay
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forecast is the showers for wednesday. there will be dry on thursday and we fall into a good weather pattern for the weekend. >> the commute at the bay bridge is not as bad as it looks. we are only looking at a 12 to 20 minted drive time. this is it your coming from 880. if your coming from the shore freeway part the san mateo bridge assess the time where it may see stop and go conditions. there drive times are still led 12 minutes. if the golden gate bridge is still a smooth trip. as we up that the traffic maps it is still some slowing for 680 south and there is no longer an accident here. we're not tracking any hot spots. there is no reporter problem here and the south bay freeway looks great.
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there is some slowing to san antonio road. there was a stall on the shoulder. in the north bay and we are just sing slow traffic for the more ran ride. no. marin still looks good. >> three firefighters are in serious but stable condition this morning after they were involved in a weather related accident on highway 24 in 0 rendell. fire crews were responding to a non injury accident he east of wilder road had and they were on the shoulder of the highway when a car lost control and slab into the side of the fire engine. if three firefighters and the driver of the car were injured in this crash. here is the photo of the firefighters who were hurt. they are michael rattary, kelley morris and stephen
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rogness. they were taken to john muir medical center in walnut creek. two of the firefighters needed to have surgery. all three are expected to survive. >> a 14 year-old boy charged as an adult with attempted murder, sexual assault and kidnapping of a 65 year-old woman is scheduled to be arraigned today. he will appear in court where he is expected to be arraigned today. >> san jose has marked its 43rd homicide of the year. matching a two decade high. the most recent hamas i was a 17 year-old boy who was gunned down on a residential street on friday. if the killings is believed to be gang-related. the 43 homicides so far this year atop the 41 killings last
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year. the 2011 total was double the previous year's number of homicides. >> oakland police officials have made 44 percent fewer rest last year than just three years before. the plunge includes the rest from armed robbery case is a drug bust. to my kron site public drunkenness. that's an average of 18th your rest per day. this year the city is facing a 23% spike in murders, muggings and other major offenses. the arrests figures raise questions about the oakland police department. which is already struggling under the weight of job cuts and the demands of a federal court oversight. nationally arrests were down 11% in the samee period.
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>> this just into kron 4 pitchers out of the atlanta area. i for students and two teachers were found unconscious at a school after carbon monoxide poisoning. all six have since regained consciousness. dozens of other students are sick. firefighters said that all six have high levels of carbon monoxide. air tests show that the carbon
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monoxide levels in the school was 17,000 per milliliter. the highest levels of fire department stated that they have ever seen. this is the scene outside and for students and two teachers are unconscious. also making headlines. >> pope benedict the 16th has officially joined the twister. launching his own personal twitter account. it was formally announce this morning that his twitter count is atpontifex. the pope will be composing the tweets for the new account himself. the pope will press the button to send a first tweet himself. but after that, other people will send the tweets on his behalf. in june 2011 the pope said his first week from but with
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i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. align we are back at 7:30 a.m.. >> here is the top of san
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francisco don't bury it is dry and you should hold on as you take all ride out on the road. anothe weather ion > >> here is a look at your temperature is right now. is 40 degrees out the door. as we take a look at the day planner it will be 60's for most of the area. if you will see a mixture of sun and clouds. later on tonight it will be mostly cloudy. as we head into tomorrow the rain will start to approach. we do have a lot of cloud cover that is such associated. your afternoon
7:32 am
highs to mar will be in the '50s and '60s. we do have it changes to talk about looking ahead. rain will be in the area for the next two days. we will give back dry on thursday. temperatures will still be on the court cited we do have for details coming up. >> as we continue to monitor a fairly normal ride. we are not tracking any hot spots. the traffic is steady at the bay bridge. is 6 is 18 minutes. there is moderate conditions for the east bay freeway. although the peninsula is only heavy at the to--it is still a reasonably lie ride. >> it is 7:32 a.m.. >> we want to talk more about the cleanup over the weekend. even though the
7:33 am
rose are dry there are still a lot of damage is in the area. >> you took the words right out of my mouth. this is something that steven spielberg or part of the prepped for a scene. if this is a sinkhole and the street fell down and cracked this 8 in. pipe and this disrupted water to many homes. if they had to turn the water off and now they are using garden hoses to run water into the homes. they should have some top award this morning and they dodged a major bullet. this is day 12 is waterline and this potentially carries a lot of water. this suffered a few cracks but it did not break . >> this would have snapped
7:34 am
and as far as the road is concerned there is nothing underneath this section of the street and this is hollow and they're gonna be making permanent repairs. it probably will take them a few months to get everything under control. in the meantime this is mountain view drive it is completely blocked off. if this is a major inconvenience for people will live here. here is a woman and her children who live around the corner. >> how is this impact you? >> this is huge and this is a major street for us. you can go here and take a left. this will cost me an extra 20 minutes of drive time. >> yesterday we lost water for a few hours and last night about 9:00 p.m. there was a huge explosion and after that we lost all our
7:35 am
power for a few hours. >> did you have power this morning? >> yes. >> this connects to 680 and they're so many other ways for you to get around the issue will be a convenience. they stated that it with a couple must all the repairs be made. >> this sounds really bad. all the traffic here that i'd normally avoid it i will have to deal with. >> at least no one was hurt and will leave you with this and we will talk more bought this drop the morning. they have to make other ways for this to work and this pipes is the sanitar. >> with this commute and the drivito the north bay here is
7:36 am
more footage of what it looks like an san francisco. they're trying to unclog the drains on the street. their use and a rake to try to mold some of the rain. if flooded intersections and they have been making this hard to try to. trying to find ways to get to point a to point b. it was a difficult task. this middle school is closed in fairfax due to a carbon monoxide. >>e to mud. >> they stated that they have had this problem before and there is some construction that is going on at white hill middle school. when the rains are
7:37 am
heavy they tend to flood and much interest a class rose. here's one of the rooms that were affected by the mud. >> i think we just
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welcome back the timing is 7:40. stories of heavy when the rains caused flooding of the bay area. dickenson us the pictures of your neighborhood of our kron 4 facebook page monica from vallejo said in this picture of one of her neighbors someone standing in the flooded street. the
7:42 am
water is coming up to his knees. this picture was sent from yosemite avenue near else garrido. >> joanna sense this picture of power lines snapped off in the area of san raphael. that is how strong and powerful the winds are. christie sent to this picture of a tree that fell over it antioch because of the rain and all of the rain saturating the ground. the winds came in and whipped through a lot of the trees cannot stand a chance. >> send our best-your storm pictures to breaking news at
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good morning thank you for waking up with the kron 4 morning news. we are looking live from our roof cam. some high clouds and the distant. no problems with visibility. a mix of sun and clouds later today '50s and '60s area we will see an increase in cloud cover. we have light rain expected tomorrow. as we look ahead we will have some heavy rain expected for wednesday morning. quite weather into the weekend. here is a look at your temperatures. 39 and the battle and napa. 37
7:46 am
vallejo. mid 40's are antioch, oakland. 43 in sunnyvale. into the afternoon everyone in the same vote you will not see too much of variation in the numbers. everyone hovering around the 60 degree mark. for fremont milpitas san jose 63. more in palo alto. taking it to the east bay sunny skies 62 for walnut creek in castro valley. fog in the north bay. sunshine into the afternoon. 54 napa will. 59 in richmond. downtown san francisco at 58 degrees. satellite and radar monitoring the bigger weather story. expect light rain probably tomorrow afternoon for the north bay. a little bit of wet weather expected for tomorrow night for places like san francisco. this is not going to be a big rainmaker. maybe a quarter of an inch for the
7:47 am
north bay. for class every or else. by thursday we will continue with the dry pattern as we head into friday. mild conditions on tap for saturday and sunday. george. >> we are still looking at a pretty normal commute we are not tracking any hot spots. we have a back up at the bay bridge but not too bad. 12- 20 minutes depending on your approach to the span. for your ride to the san mateo bridge this is starting to get heavy. here is just before 8:00 a.m. we are looking at slow and go conditions differ from this is a real puzzling change in the pattern. we thought for a while it could be related to the construction project. i have not been able to get anywhere from caltran why this might be so. looking at your golden gate bridge ride for an easy commute. with no problems to or from iran. the central marin ride is getting heavier. we are
7:48 am
not seeing too much red is showing up on the east bay freeway. here in the south bay is a lighter than normal ride. here is the marin ride heavier traffic in central marin. the drive times is 39 minutes from 37 to the toll plaza. >> our defense played a great game. i gave up those points the were on the scoreboard for the rams. that is 100 percent my fault. >> a tough one we will have to bounce back quickly. there is a football fight and we did not win it. >> i do not understand gary they lose the game the 4960- 13kaepernick says that this is fog. hot moral seems more decisive in saying that he is going to start not alex smith and he did not do anything.
7:49 am
>>harbaugh seems more decisive. in saying that he is going to start capper kaepernick . alex smith did not lose any games he was planning sabol caliber. it seems like to standard. -- superbowl caliber. let us put it this way if there big favorite at home this week against miami in yesterday's he may have had bad play near the end of the game. you could rationalize he made a 50 yd run that he played well enough for them to win. they got beat by 250 york field goals two long field goals. 250 yds. if you
7:50 am
are harbaugh you cannot wait to see another three or four days to decide. basically it so you do not have faith and kepernick . kaepernick is a young guy and he think he is better. i look at a sliding scale on this day i am looking at what the jets did. i am keeping my eye on the tebow sanchez thing. what would you prefer. sitting there on your couch what do you think harbaugh should have done. >> if he made that decision
7:51 am
he has to stay on that train. otherwise he looks like he is fickle. like a guy dating then heard the her in her. if he acts like to change gears he will stick with a gear. i guess it is ok they were more comfortable before this loss now they are not so comfortable. >> it boils down to if you are a kaepernick fan yu said he had a bad game. if you are a smith san then you say he messed up. >> we want to avoid this constant questioning with your starter from week to week. sanchez was during horribly so they look and a tebow is injured. they pull in they stthird string quarterback and he won the game. >> he completed a few passes and a short touchdown. this is what is funny it makes
7:52 am
the services go 49ers and unique. the jets are not very good so you may as well try different people. the 49ers are real good. they are one of the three or four teams in football who are doing best-were not a rare good to you have to try something. >> it got them going who is starting. now teboe if he is healthy will he start. what a mess. >> i think that is one of the biggest i did not like to say like that is strong there as far as blocking the truth whenever you have lost a job you say you are happy for the other guy. if you just come out and say hey i have not played like a starter so i understand what the coach is doing. okay fine. that is a good honest statement. you're not hoping the guy gets hit by a bus but maybe just a taxi. will
7:53 am
run over his foot. >> (laughter) i will not even do the writers it was blacked out. it was raining. >> have you ever heard of the red zone channel. it is fantastic. i watched the raider game on that. it is a channel that get you every touchdown from every game. you can switch around from every game is abbess. >> what i like about tickebit. i did not want to sit through it and i want to see the touchdown. >> lebron is a sports and of the year for 2012. >> no one has been more
7:54 am
criticized. with social media this is a different time than he has been worked over good. add to come back and went and now i am singing commercials popping up with him all over the place. good for him. >> talk about reinventing himself he goes from everyone say oh yeah you are too good for yourself you are too big for your bridges. you have it superstar attitude. now they are like all he is a team guy. >> how about this stupid media and a few fans reinvent themselves. >> as long as you win. >> good to have you back. >> thank you gary i am glad you are doing well. >> i am going to to meet you later. tweet you later. >> we will be right back.
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coming up on the kron 4 morning news at 8:00 a.m. we
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are weeks away from the looming fiscal cliff. will have the latest from both sides coming up. clean up is underway after this weekend's storm. will have a live report from around the bay area. is more wet weather had hour? the answer is yes. erica will let us know when and how much we will expect in this next round. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- ♪ you can stay in and like something... ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪
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(male announcer) live from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news get a in stores now. >> the massive brain has gone on the left behind a 20 ft. cinco repairs are starting this morning. coming up i will tell you what cost of how long the repairs will take. >> watching bay area weather more rain is on the way. hopefully not as bad. erica kato has more on the weather center. >> we will not see too much from the next system maybe a quarter of an inch. we will remain dry for at least the next 24 hours. we do have
8:01 am
some high clouds in the distance. taking a look at your day planner temperatures in the '40's with a cold start to the morning. sunshine expected to the afternoon. upper 50s low 60s on tap mostly cloudy conditions. that will be your evening forecast. as we take a look at the numbers out the door 41 in half moon bay. 43 in mountain view. i will show you where the numbers are expect to go in my next report. george. >> here's a quick commute check and bridge check. on the upper deck we may see drive times climb on the bay bridge. they have been running 16-18-20 minutes. for the san mateo bridge at last check is running slow. it is a little better. 18-22 minutes here. the drivehould bee golden gate bridge is has been an easy commute. we are starting to pick up heavier volume for the south won to one ride. >> thank you george at 8:01 a.m. white hill middle school in fairfax is closed
8:02 am
today because of the damage they had in the storm over the weekend. we will give you more news faster let us go to our solo reported jackie sissel was out there to take a look at what they have to clean up. >> if i jackie. >> if they do have a lot to clean up the north bay was hit hard by the have arrayed over the weekend. white hill middle school sustained some damage so much in fact at the closed schools for the day. for classrooms were damaged. it is extremely visible. you can see the water pulling inside the classroom. and the mud that it accumulated. there is some construction going on barret. the >> no school here at why
8:03 am
hill middle school in fairfax. they are expected to get crews out here in the next hour to resume the clean up. there will have to bring out the back hvacuums and hopefully get the school ready for class tomorrow. for classrooms were affected. part of the office also affected. they said it made more sense to close schools for the day. that is what they did. as i said the hope is that it will be ready for students tomorrow. >> i remember going to this middle school not as a student. i remember where you are across the street it was lot of trees. it was a kind of jungle like area with a big mountains and trees. i am sure some of that came down. >> i was going to say you can see how the water has washed down this area.
8:04 am
all the water runs straight to where i met through the school at any time you get those heavy rains and out of the water washes down plucks out the storm drains and goes right through the school of fortunate. >> thank you jackie barrett if it was not the water and drain it was the wind. here is the cleanup underway this victory came down right in front is home. first storm the soil is loose. brinded way is not in the trees down. trees all over the bay area are coming out as we see here from lafayette. the crews have came and clean the power line that almost snapped from the wake of the tree. also in lafayette residents are dealing with a sinkhole this morning as well. kron fours for your 24/7 news channel for the lastest news, weather & traffic on comcast 193 and digital 4..
8:05 am
>>wi tran. --will tran. >> that wiped out power to maybe a few dozen people or brown hair they managed to basically tap into the system using garden hoses those homes should now have water. you can see crews showing up now evaluating the same. i talked to one guy and he says as far as making permanent repairs to the roadway it could take several months. the infrastructure that runs underneath including power lines that wiped out power. we talked to a woman at 7:38 a.m. her power was wiped out last night but has been restored. why did it happen?
8:06 am
because you saw the heavy rain fall. to hear is the creek that runs underneath the roadway what happened was the debris of garbage basically blocked the pipes and that caused the creek to rise, keeping the water a pool and that saturated the ground. making the roadway to collapse and that is why it went down. you see the heavy equipment they are ready to do work, fortunately did not cause any injuries there were no cars on the roadways. we will talk to some supervisors so many agencies involved including east bay mud. sanitary district is out here. that affected some of the toilet lines and the kitchen lines. that is why you see the big steel pipe. that is basically now running from the homes around the whole area just so the toilets will not get back up. that is a big issue. not to mention the traffic this is a very busy way for dozens of people want to connect to highway
8:07 am
24. now they cannot do that at least not continually. they have to go around according to one woman we spoke to that will probably add about 20 minutes to her commute which means she has to take her kids to school earlier. >> we will check back with with an update. >> tree branches or another, around san francisco. take a look at this one. this snapped sunday morning a parking meter is a rounded. it did not knock it out but blocked the entire sidewalk. the city brought in at your tree cutting crews over the weekend. they thought they would need a head of the weather and they did. there were so many reports of bridges and trees falling during the sunday storm in san francisco alone. >> it is a 06 a.m. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. >>8:06 am.
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new this morning the u.s. supreme court is taking no action on same-sex marriage case. there are 10 cases before the court of a miss proposition 8. the supporters of the proposition appealed to the u.s. supreme court. the supreme court did not cite fear the case the california ruling stands same-sex marriage will be legal here in california. however, if they decide to hear the case same-sex marriages will remain on hold while the court makes a decision which may not come down until june of next year. the court--
8:11 am
there will be another round of decisions released on friday which will be sent on monday. we will see whether the of the supreme court will take up the same-sex marriage case. >> we are also following wall street the dow down 29. almost 30 at 12,00996. stocks that started positive at the opening of trading but have since lost ground after a surprise slowdown in u.s. manufacturing. that put a damper on investors' optimism. according to the institute for supply management employment weakened sharply. that all combined to bring a sour note here on the trading floor. on the positive side construction spending in october by the largest amount in five months. car sales reached more than expected in november. that is not enough for wall street. sellers are outnumbering buyers into the market to-at the moment. >> thank you james twitter
8:12 am
user postings is being challenged in court grand debate over whether social media companies should play claims to user generated content. is if this is a judge last week granted a temporary strain in order that forced twitter to continue providing access to its dream of post to people browser. a debt analyst company theirself information. it is 8:11. >> we are still receiving pictures that were sent into breaking news @ kron .com we are taking those and sharing those with you. we will be right back.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news we are monitoring the river levels of around the bay area. here is a look at the latest river levels most showing up in the green as piercing receive including coyote creek and the guadalupe river. from watching the napa river which has peaked. the russian river in the hills burke stayed is rising a bit more. it is going to a more moderate level. in fact let us take a look at the
8:16 am
latest video coming in. we are also watching a decree that got up over 13 ft.. it is a starting to receive just near the flood stage. the napa river did it flood stage. no real flooding due to the millions spent and the work they have done. watching the russian river is over flood and a few small areas. the most part the river is staying within its banks. >> and we are also monitoring the flow concerns in the south bay. residents there gathered at siilvas crossing over uva creek and gilroy to watch as the water began to rise. the water often goes over the road. there but at this point had not yet. meanwhile a nearby levee was able to withstand the essence what. however, there was flooding in the other parts gilroy that shut
8:17 am
down some roses sent trees crashing down. >> we are experiencing some rain that will begin tomorrow in the north bay. dry so enjoy it while it lasts. as we take a live look from the golden gate bridge is north of that shot where we are tracking the dense fog. especially forming around the valley. the portions of the bottle visibility is zero. santa rosa 8 mi. of visibility there is pretty intense. a mile for the livermore valley. drive with extra caution be mindful of the cars in front of you. the good news is the fog will clear up into the afternoon your temperatures are in the '60s. everyone hovering around 61 degrees that is for santa clara mount view, fremont. 62 and lost cause. the same story to the east bay fairfield 61. 64 for pleasanton. 62 in the hayward area. fog in the north bay mainly sunny skies
8:18 am
later today. 58 for san francisco. 59 in san bruno. your rainfall totals over the past five days looks like we have gone over 7 in. of rain for the sonoma airport, a san raphael. a lot of rain fell in the north bay. san jose flirting with two and one-half inches. satellite and radar shows cloud cover streaming into the bay area that is all in advance of the next system. we are not saying much rain by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow maybe and sprinkle up around santa rosa. light rain anticipated for napa, vallejo around the rich and san rafeal bridge. as we put the clock into motion it will not be until later that night we will start to see rain south of the golden gate. it will pick up in intensity over the night while people are sleeping. 9:00 a.m. wednesday we could see heavy rain for the bay. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast in showing rain
8:19 am
for tuesday and wednesday dryer by next thursday. friday will be mainly sunny and dry conditions will persist. the mild weekend on tap for saturday and sunday. 8:18 a.m. at your weather here is traffic morning george. >> good morning air gust of a stock on the dimmest tying up traffic in the southbound direction also slowing the northbound right. slow traffic in the northbound direction that is to be expected for the nimitz at this hour. checking the bridges as we look at your bbay bridge ride westbound a reporter saw in our last updated has been removed and it did not have a big impact. the 880 approach is now almost completely cleared out. drive times here are improving. at the same tale bridge we did see a spike in the driveimes of to 22
8:20 am
minutes--san mateo bridge. 15 minutes for the drive and it looks as though we may not see any more slow traffic unless there is an incident. for your ride to the golden gate bridge the closer we move to 9:00 a.m. the heavier the traffic is likely to get across span. we may see some slowing but we are problem free across the bridge. >> thank you george. this morning three firefighters are in serious but stable condition this morning after they were involved in a weather-related accident on highway 24 in ornda. the firefighters were responded to a not injury accident east of while the road. the firefighters were on the shoulder when another car on the highway loss control and slammed into the side of the fire engine. three firefighters and the driver of the car were injured in the crash. let me show you
8:21 am
the firefighters from a hospital michael rattarry kelly morris and stephen rogness. >> kavier king of up to a 65 year-old woman assaults and beat her and left her tied in a ditch. he tried to ransom a location to her family were she was located. king appear in court last monday at the arraignment has been rescheduled. police believe this was a random act. >> san jose has marked its 43rd homicide of the year matching a two decade high. the most recent hamas i was a 17 year avoid was gunned down on residential streets on friday. the killing is believed to be gang-related. the 43 homicides so far this
8:22 am
year topped the 41 killings that have the last year. 2011 the total was double the previous year's number of homicides. >> the oakland police officers has made your arrest and they did just three years before. this includes honoree cases and drug was to minor cases of public drunkenness. this year the city is facing a 23 percent spike in murders and other major offenses. perez figures raise questions about the oakland police department. which is already struggling under the weight of job cuts and the demands of a federal court oversight. nationally arrest were down 11% in the same spirit >> the suspect is described as a white or latino man about 23 years ago he has dark hair and black eyes and a light complexion. the body was found of the victim
8:23 am
surely after 1:00 a.m. his wife called sang an assailant had ransacked their home and beat her. she was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. it is a closet to a.m. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news and major announcement just made by prince william and his wife we will tell you what next. get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home
8:24 am
with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.
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8:26 am
child. the palace also added the duchess of cambridge has a severe morning sickness. sources close to the royal couple have revealed their moving into it nor place. the new house will be more than ready. kate and prince william have been living in a cottage for the past year. they are moving into their permanent palace the summer. an apartment at london's kensington palace. but their version of an apartment is not what you call an apartment, there will into a four story 20 room apartment so it is kind of an apartment mansion. the reason they do not live there now is being renovated. known as babyproofing. they also need to have erica. if something happened to william his job will become king or queen before harry.
8:27 am
>> here in the newsroom we are following some developing news nasa scheduled to make a big announcement san francisco today regarding its curiosity rover on mars. the city is hosting the annual fall meeting of the american geophysical union, use gathering of our scientists and space sciences. the rumor mill started going last week when curiosity's chief scientist was quoted as saying that the rover had collected data that would make it to the history books. what does that mean?. nasa downplayed that comment in a statement on friday. that did not stop the rumor mills over the weekend today's announcement is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. this morning we will let you know what they an ounce. >> thank you james school for thousands of public school students is about to get longer. not in california five states are announcing today they are adding at least 300 hours of learning time to some school starting next year. a colorado, connecticut,
8:28 am
massachusetts, new york and tennessee are all part of this the goal is to boost student achievement and to make u.s. schools more, pedicle level. three-year pilot program will affect 20,000 students not here in california. state and federal funds will cover the cost. >> the california kid every a sigh of relief. we will be right back. we will be back here as the kron 4 morning news continues we will be back with the weather forecast right after the break.
8:29 am
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. everyone wants to know about the weather especially after the weekend storms. let us give up deck with erica. >> dry weather for today we will see an increase in cloud cover letter today. walking up temperatures are in the 40's. upper 50s low 60s into the afternoon. tomorrow night, tonight-with a clouds will increase. temperatures will drop
8:31 am
below--low 50 spirit tomorrow we are tracking the rain it will make a comeback. not the rainmaker we experienced this weekend just light showers to most of the bay area. temperatures will be in the '60s. i walk into futurecast for my next report. george. >> the nimitz freeway 880 in the south bound direction is a hot spot. chp has not managed to clear the stall the block the left-hand lane and the southbound direction. it is tying up the traffic coming from the maze and the east tour feed freeway on a 80 south. it is slowing your ride to oakland airport. it is also affecting the ride coming from 980 hot off of highway 24 also out of the macarthur maize. it is having an impact because it is in the left hand blame 880 north. --hand lane. >> we are still looking at cleanups' resuming after the weekend of weather we have. kron fours will tran is in
8:32 am
the area where there is a massive sinkhole. they are working on the area. it will be for the next several days or if not next several weeks there is so much work to be done. you can see this heavy equipment and excavator what they are doing he started about five minutes ago he is going down there to clear out all the debris to make it safe enough for the crews to literally go down and try to remake repairs to a 12 in. pipe we have showed you all morning that is leaking water. they cannot get that under control with the water still leaking it is unstable. was taken clear all the debris godown there and wrap a band around it to stop the leaking from happening. if that does not happen then they will have to take even bigger measures to go in and cut it off. that will take a lot of
8:33 am
time. they are hoping this will do the trick. as far as the sinkhole is 20 ft. it has caused by all of the rainfall we saw on sunday morning. there is a creek underneath and we were attempting to show you a different vantage point because they are working now we cannot be as close. there is a creek that runs underneath because of the heavy rainfall that brought along all the logs and debris that cause its tobacco. because the ground to be saturated--cost it to be backed uppe. permanent repairs to this roadway according to one construction person i spoke to at least a couple of months. >> they cannot even worry about fixing the roadway until they get infer structure fix the power lines and water main lines. until they get those things fixed they cannot began to try and get a new roadway. >> thank god no one was hurt. when you look at the
8:34 am
gaping hole. >> the big hole here will affect people because this road connects to mount diablo boulevard which connects to highway 24. it is used by many people. we spoke to one person and she says that would add 21 minutes each way to a commute. we take for granted the way to go home but now with this road being cut off she has to go all the way around. anyone with school kids in kids that need to be dropped off that is going to add more stress. unfortunately most of the homes are not if all of have power. >> we will watch the damage in the north bay as well were there is a close to the storm damage record we have jackie sissel either this morning. >> good morning marc the north bay has got hit by the storm and so did white hill middle school in the town of fairfax. in fact about four of the 30 classrooms had sustained a lot of damage. you can see some of the
8:35 am
pulling water and mud that collected in a few of the classroom. they say there is construction going on but it was most a storm drain that got plugged. the water is cascading through the classrooms. the hope is they will get some people-- construction people and they will be able to rip out the carpet in the other cleanup. get fans and vacuums and to the area and start the cleanup. off the hope is there will be able to get the kids back to school tomorrow. that is the hope now. that could change once the contract is get in and taking a look at the issue. this is not the first time by hill middle school has had this kind of damage. they had it back in 2005. they said they also sustained some of the damage or you can see the condensation building up inside the classrooms. they determine that it was not say for students to come into the classroom. they canceled school. we are saying about two or three different people driving up
8:36 am
not knowing schools closed. as i said the hope is the construction crew can get in and start the cleanup probably in the next half hour or so. >> taken jacket for the update. we have some footage to show you of more storm damage this is from severance is aware crews and the department of public works are using whatever they could to clear one of the dozens of storm drains the were backed up from the storm. this is the corner of van ness and pays. taking over few lines of the street making it tougher drivers the high water also cover the sidewalk forcing pedestrians to tread gingerly. >> the u.s. supreme court takes no actions on same-sex marriage case is one of the cases california proposition 8 california court said proposition 8 would be unconstitutional supporters of proposition 8 appeal to the supreme court if they do not indeed hear the case the california ruling will stand for and same-sex marriage will be legal in california. if however, they decide to
8:37 am
hear the case the same-sex marriage or may not hold to the court makes a decision. which may not come until june of next year. it is a 30 6:00 a.m. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes. >>
8:38 am
8:39 am
the boy was a stormy this weekend. for we had high winds and flooding damage
8:40 am
all around the bay area. many of the center in pictures from our neighborhood on our kron4 facebook page. here's a picture from travis from downtown in you concede there is cans littering the streets. we also have david and said this picture and said this car is just not moving. clint graves a cent this picture from stinson beach where you can see cars trying to go through a flooded area. elisa from vallejo shows pictures from that the flooded area. the shows and napa river overflowing its banks. we always say if a street is slated to do not try to cross it either by foot or car. if you have any storm
8:41 am
pictures you'd like to share thus send them to the kron4 facebook page or breaking news at kron4 dot com. >> federal government has awarded more than a hundred and $80 million in contracts at tied to hurricane sandy. that amount surpasses what the government spent on hurricane irene which hit in august of 2011 and killed at least 45 people. from the your governor estimates the total cost of the storm to new york state is $33 billion. federal contracts spending related to sandy so far did not come close to the estimated $19.6 billion spent on hurricane katrina. >> 28 days until the fiscal cliff that will kick in if congress does not act. president obama and republicans seem to be playing a game of political chicken right now. the president's proposal as 1.6
8:42 am
trillion in hired taxers over the next couple of years. he proposes a tax cuts and stimulating spending to stimulate the economy. the two sides may try to come together. waiting for a chance to dry out here. a lot of clouds and traffic. 50 degrees in san francisco and a high in the upper 50s.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> watching flood levels this morning on bay area rivers as many are staying in their banks. we did have some flooding. the napa river reached flood stage yesterday afternoon. mayor to clean up in lafayette with the sinkhole and excavator is on this and not picking up debris.
8:46 am
>> we get a dry day today but not for a long >> we should expect them rally later on tomorrow in the evening hours. it will pick up in intensity wednesday morning. tomorrow will be a -- today will be a dry day in the bay area. a cold start to the morning and low '40's for napa fairfield and 50 out the door in san francisco. afternoon highs, we will not warm-up by much. everyone is in the same boat. 62 and hayward and 52 in the city. napa and santa rosa at 62. satellite and radar shows a lot of cloud cover coming our way. that is all ahead of the next storm system expected to impact us. future cast four picks up
8:47 am
some sprinkles around santa rosa by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. around lunchtime light rain north of the golden gate bridge. it will start to shift its way south by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night and possibly pick up in intensity. overnight we will start to see some heavy rain for the north bay and showers will continue to move south south 9:00 a.m. wednesday morning. it should be better by the afternoon with about a quarter of an inch of rain for most of the bay area. 7 day around the bay forecast shows dry pattern until saturday and sunday. more in your extended forecast in just a bit. >> a better picture as to why things are so backed up on the nimitz freeway. powersoft hot spot southbound what was reported as a stall really turned out to be able to a vehicle
8:48 am
accident. it is now cleared from the traffic lanes but traffic is still heavy southbound and westbound on 980 as you cut as you come out of the macarthur maze. it makes more sense given how many emergency vehicles responses. if you're headed to oakland airport you do not need to divert over 2580 because when you consider the time it takes to cross on city streets you will probably spend the same amount of time. give yourself extra time if you're headed from the downtown berkeley to open the airport. bay bridge in the westbound direction is on wiping nicely. the san mateo bridge ride spike in the 7:00 hour and is looking better now. no problems was found with 11 minutes drive times. the golden gate bridge, the close treated to 9:00 the heavier the traffic
8:49 am
gets southbound. that is a typical pattern, no surprises. it is a little crowded on your trip for the presidio parkway. >> of grow from the atlantic area was bitten wealthy had dolphin at sea world in orlando. the girl's father caught the incident on camera. we want to warn you you may find his video unsettling. >> the feeding of at sea world in orlando turned frightening when one of the mammals but this girl on the 21st. you can see the three deep puncture wounds on her hand. >> i thought he was going to haul me into the water. it was crazy but i thought he was going to eat my hand off. >> the dolphin bit her after she moved the paper plate that she was feeding them from.
8:50 am
>> dead dolphin jump up and eight the carton and bit my hand. >> they told us to make sure that the paper plates stays on the wall but we did not know why. there is no sign a disclaimer saying the dolphin could bite your hand or there is a level of risk in this attraction. >> her hand is now healed but this may last a lifetime. our father post of the video on youtube to warn other parents. >> i said let's make it public and put some pressure on sea world to make some changes. they did not tell us to look out for any kind of signs of infection. at the rest it out with back pain. >> sea world release a statement saying nothing is more important than the safety of our guests and animals. >> the honeymoon is over for collin kaepernick with the
8:51 am
rams' scoring twice. rams and kicker greg as airline legged shrine kicked a 59 yd field goal with 26 that is left in the game in overtime. it would have been the second time for the cleveland turkey quarterback brad and we been through for a career high 364 yds and a touchdown and the browns did just enough to snap a 12 game losing streak by beating oakland 20 to 17.
8:52 am
they will play again this thursday night. at that game will be televised if you get the nfl network. >> ok i got to coaches come out one other place here trying to bag with the sky. he's got a black pistol to his head and at that at least four guys standing there trying to negotiate with him. i have made contact. >> these are not one tapes police officers describing the moments before kansas city chiefs player joe biden belter shot and killed himself saturday. the linebacker the 25 year-old linebacker kill themselves in a parking lot at arrowhead stadium after murdering his girlfriend. belter think his coach before killing himself. police say the couple have been arguing recently and they leave behind a 3 month old daughter. >> the time is 8:52 a.m. and
8:53 am
we'll be back in a couple of minutes. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
8:54 am
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8:56 am
>> yahoo released as a top- 10 list of most search items and 2012. it was an election year sell an election was the no. 1 not most search item on the number of less. iphone was i felt five was next. against ariel was wondering when it was going to come out and searching for features. no. 3 was kim car-yen --kard ashian also on the list for cape capt. kate nelson and late singer whitney houston.
8:57 am
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9:00 am
>> the clean up after the storm but first more on potential rain again in the forecast. >> today is your dry day in your chance to catch up on the storm clean up if you have any left over from the weekend. we're expecting a mixture of sun and cloud for the day. temperatures will be generally in the '60's and 50's. samarra and increasing clouds and some rain is coming back into the area. the potentially for wednesday in a quiet weather pattern for the end of the week into the weekend. temperatures in downtown san francisc 7061 degrees. when i come back we'll breakdown
9:01 am
the forecast for you and let me know what areas have the best chances for some rain. >> we're still looking as slow traffic here for our hot spot the nimitz freeway. further problems now, adding to the slowing out of the maze on 980 is a report of a car fire. it is right here near the connecting ramp from westbound 98880 southbound. the five car crash has been cleared from the traffic lanes but there is a clean-up operations on the shoulder. that is why traffic is still backed up the mall the north and south on directions. >> back to the cleanup and the weather in the wake of the storm. white hill school in fairfax is closed because of so much damage on campus. jackie sissel is on scene and taking a look at what they need to do today. >> they have a lot of cleanup today. they got socked by that heavy rain over the weekend. in fairfax
9:02 am
water backed up and is now cascading through fairfax middle school. this is one of five classrooms that was affected but you can see the collected water and the mud on the carpet it soaked through. four or five classrooms out here, also the library. because of that they canceled school. we just finished talking to the superintendent of the lost valley school. she said they decided yesterday was best to cancel school altogether. later on today they will determine if any more days will be missed by students. they will send in a contractor to rip up all of the carpet in the classrooms and potentially rep up some cabinets and wall because they fear that some of that water collected behind a wall in the last thing they want as mold to start growing. you can see the condensation and started to build up on some of the
9:03 am
windows there. they thought log and hard before they canceled school today but they thought was best to at least cancelled for today. they will meet later this afternoon to determine whether and not they will have school tomorrow for the students. they suggested everyone goes to the ross valley school to check further notices for the potential for missing school tomorrow. >> with the thanksgiving break they just had the next thing you know as the holiday/winter breaks of the kids need to go to school. >> that's hoping they can get itself clean up today. >> big problems in lafayette with a massive sinkhole. will tran as with a live update. >> they will probably push us back after this live hit because they're out there trying to cure that sinkhole. the past 45
9:04 am
minutes they have been using as a heavy equipment, excavator to lift all that stuff up. there trying to send people down there to make repairs. there is video closer to the scene. there's a slow dance waterline that potentially carries about a million gallons of water. it continues to leak. fortunately it did not snapped in half when the roadway collapsed. it fell on the side instead of the top. if it fell on the top it would have broken and and and still closed gallons of water and there and force people to evacuate. they will go in there and probably put a band around it to see if it will stop the leaking. if not they will have to pinch hit on the side and that will take much longer. the roadway will take months before they can get fixed. they cannot even go in there and so they get all of the infrastructure underground repaired. and joining me now is kurt swanson was central stand. you are involved with
9:05 am
the sewer line here and that was also running underground, how or this or lines looking this morning? >> we have a temporary bypass that was installed yesterday after our line was broken. our lines are deeper than the water main so it fractured first when the storm water went through and cause the road to collapse. >> did you have to replace the pipes? for while they could not use the toilets and think that backed up in the house? >> know where able to install the temporary park pipe line quickly. we had a trailer already go for situations like this and our crews said it up in a matter of an hour or two. >> there are some innate components, can you tell us what's down there? >> there're several utilities and gas line of water line >> thank you so much. in plain english basically it
9:06 am
means it will be a long time before the finish all of this. the reason it happened was because of the heavy rainfall and the creek underneath the roadway. the creek that flooded with the rising water and all the debris jammed up the pipe and the ground gave way and that is why the roadway collapsed. >> many metro had to be diverted to shuttle buses because of the church of annexation was close. they have the yellow caution tape because rain water poured in there. workers went underground and the george street stop for feet of water on the tracks. it was early afternoon once the crew finished clearing the tracks. this tree is that over and
9:07 am
around the parking meter and took up half of the street. the block the entire sidewalk at least one line of traffic. the city brought an extra tree trimming crews and dance for the storming, they had a feeling they needed them. >> the big news is no news with the supreme court taking no action on same-sex marriage cases. 10 cases before the court. the supporters of prop 8 appeal to the supreme court and we are waiting to see if they will hear the case are not. if they deny your the case the california ruling stands in same-sex marriages will be legal in california. if they decide they hear the case of a same-sex marriage will remain on hold until the court makes a decision.
9:08 am
that will most likely not come down until june of next year. the u.s. supreme court will meet again this friday to hear decide which cases they were here. >> i press, is underway right now in san francisco where nasa officials are talking of it in announcing the latest findings from curiosity on mars. nasa tv is providing the shot. it is a huge gathering of earth scientists and space scientists and they're talking about some of the latest data that hasn't collected by the curiosity rover. rumors have been flying after the chief scientist was quoted saying that the rover had collected some data that was for " the history books. a lot of eyebrows were raised. curiosities' mission is to see if there is evidence of life ever existed on mars.
9:09 am
the meeting just got under way and they are still in their introductory phase fear of opening comments and the like. we will tell you what today's announcement is a once they make it. state- owned. >> it is nine 08 a.m. right now i will be back in a couple of minutes. the san mateo bridge looked fabulous. traffic is nice and light and there's plenty fabulous. traffic is nice and light and there's plenty [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. call at&t now to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price.
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>> the palace made the announcement in the hour that kate will send is pregnant. she is in a london hospital because of morning sickness in a really severe form. the firstborn to william who is the second enthroned after prince charles. the child is stands a good chance to going to the throne because of the order of this engine. >> stocks are mostly lower and the dow still negative but not as much as earlier. 13,013. there was some
9:13 am
concern about of mass automatic tax raises at the end of the year because of the fiscal cliff. on the flip side we have some positive news, auto sales were great last month and construction spending is also up as well. good and bad news, it just depends on which one you take and what she take today. >> more privacy issues on twitter being challenged in court. a san francisco judge last week granted granted a temporary restraining order that forced twitter to continue providing access to do is treat opposed to people browser. >> ford is recalling two of its biggest selling in u.s. models. the 2013 s gave cross over and the 2013 affusion midsize sedan with
9:14 am
1.6 l ego boost engines. taken over heat and catch fire. fires have been and swelled a skate models and one fusion. this is the third recall for the new escapes' with this engine for possible reading in fire dangers. the fusion was just named green car of the year at the l.a. on our show. >> rob black will have more with winners and losers on wall street. traffic is bumper-to-bumper at the 18 we we right back.
9:15 am
9:16 am
9:17 am
watching the winners and losers on wall street with rob black let's talk although sales. >> this ties into hurricane sandy car sales were down more than expected for hurricane sandy. on a year- to-year basis it's still pretty good. gm is trading higher than expectations ford is up 6 1/2%. tokyo that is up 17.2%. this is a good number, over 150 million units in 2012. we by
9:18 am
car the me go out and buy things for our car we have a mechanic we pay the people that's right here on the body with foam. that is nice to see that it's getting a little easier. >> it is nice to see ford and chrysler with good numbers. delta airlines talking about buying a stake in virgin atlantic. they're buying it from singapore is it? >> for us as a flyer it means that we can get into europe from a lot of cities in america where delta flies out of if the deal goes through. it is a win for us. virgin atlantic is not burgeoned america
9:19 am
>> i love that airline >> i love that airline. you can get to air europe it seems but once you get there you cannot afford to buy anything. it is really expensive unless you read playboy millionaire like myself. to be an airline and europe you have to have a majority ownership stakes. >> another loser here, lindsey lohan. the irs is seizing her bank accounts. she has hit rock bottom. >> she is on the hook for $236,904. 2011 taxes, she posed nude for playboy. you get those checks and you think you don't owe taxes on that but the irs will catch you. >> what did charlie sheen giver of hundred thousand
9:20 am
dollars for? >> the tax bills. >> that was nice. >> i say do it right, get an attorney. the irs is not playing with taxes ask martha stewart they were tracking down. and jimmy from san jose wants to know what to do with your 401k when you switch jobs? >> i always caught 800 fidelity and 800 vanguard and have that rolled over. if it was a great old fidelity you can leave it there, it won't kill anything. you may have accidently misplaced did he make it too much in one holding i say don't direct yourself call fidelity and they will walk you through. you can sign up online.
9:21 am
>> black at connaught, is where you can e-mail rob black. >> how as you heard your knuckles rapped? dragging it again?6 howl did you hurt your knuckles robb? >> sunday pg&e take up some crews. they will be continuing to clean up. >> we have another round of showers coming this way but nothing as significant compared to the last three storms we saw. this morning we do see a possibility of patchy fog out there. nevada has some fog as well as livermore. behind a cloud cover we're looking at
9:22 am
plenty of sunshine this morning. after the this afternoon will be it fair and nice. now cycladic conditions and winds it should be, this evening. temperatures right now 50 degrees in oakland was san mateo is a 45 daily city 47 downtown set for a san francisco 41 san rows of 44 napa your coming in a 45. satellite and radar shows little breaks from all this forms and rain today due to high pressure. tonight at of another system may bring in some showers in rain tuesday into wednesday. we're now expecting a really big amounts of rain. the best chance of rain will be north of us. we start our future cast that 9 in the morning. tomorrows morning commute should be fine. into the evening hours we're
9:23 am
looking at spotty showers especially for our friends in the north bay. that showers will move further south tuesday into the evening hour. the heavier stuff you can see said rosa palo matt wed. 1:00 in the morning will see more heavy rain in the north bay as well. into wednesday morning we could see some moderate to heavy rainfall. again i am not expecting this rain to last a long time. we want to keep that in mind as we are still dealing with start clean up in the next couple of days. highs for today 63 for palo alto 61 for sunnyvale fremont in the lower 60s. a pretty nice day compared to the last few days. walnut creek lower 60s castro valley 62 san leandro 61 alameda 59 danville and pleasanton mid to near mid-
9:24 am
60s for this afternoon. the north bay is a little cooler bridgman 59 berkeley 60 sandra fell around 60 palo lomas 61 ocean beach at 60 sam francisco and downtown should get into the upper 50s. that is closed the average high for this time of year. 7 day around the bay forecast i made a couple minor adjustments here. light rain and showers tuesday and wednesday and light showers. there is a we should be dry with sun and clouds. the biggest changes for the weekend a little milder, getting close to nearly the 60s by saturday and 65 by sunday. it is 9:24 a.m. and we will be right back.
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
keeping our eyes on river levels around the bay area in everything in the green right now. in the south bay
9:28 am
the guadalupe river and the coyote creek and the green right now. their bill was rising this morning but it is great as well. the curandero creek peak 13 ft. just below the flooding. napa river is rising to flood levels but no flooding in downtown napa after years of work and tens of millions of dollars that were spent on the flood plain there. the russian river overflowed in a few rural spots but as far as the major area the river stayed just below flooding. >> still was crossing, the
9:29 am
water often goes over the road there but it had not last time we checked. also levy was able to withstand the excess water. they're still watching a to see if it will fled over the building of rain we will be getting. >> a lot more in the clinic of the bay area your traffic and weather forecast in just a couple of minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza has light traffic right now and sunshine. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t.
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9:31 am
>> a live look in 7 cisco clouds and sunshine showing up right now. and the hong is tracking more rain coming and thankfully it will not nearly as bad as what we are the weekend. >> that is the good news. a lot of major clean up after the major storms that came through. temperatures are
9:32 am
closed average for this time of year. by tomorrow and wednesday we could see some more it showers especially for our folks in the north bay. to show you headlines as we look at temperatures for today. getting into the 50s and 60s for this afternoon with a mixture of sun and clouds. behind cloud cover this morning is limiting the fog development. tomorrow decreasing clouds and light rain. after that more rain potentially for wednesday morning interrupting that commute and in a quiet weather pattern coming up for the rest of the week and your weekend. temperatures right now san francisco's downtown 52 degrees san jose a 49 oakland in mid '50s livermore your coming in at 45 degrees. forecast and seven that includes a weekend when i come back. but first we will go back to
9:33 am
mark and daria >> thing slowing down on the roadways. a few other bridge checks for two san mateo bridge we normally get back up here in the westbound direction on the right hand side. that traffic is moving smoothly with the commute winding down. also the golden gate as they're changing link configuration to add another lane at northbound. >> as we continue look at weather and traffic in the wake of storms that we had will tran as and lafayette where they had a massive sinkhole and a lot of repairing to do. >> a lot of repairing and they could be here for the next several weeks or months. they cannot even talk about fixing the roadway until the fix the infrastructure that was impacted when the road gave way on sunday morning. here is a video that is a little closer to the same. we can't get that close and show you pictures because they're very busy but because the
9:34 am
roadway collapsed and damaged one of the pipes and cause them to leak another pipe could have potentially snapped but it did not. it carried a million gallons of water. you can see water just lanky and from that place once again the ground security of but a band over the leaking pipe and go from there. we talk to customers this morning and she said her power was wiped at around 9:00 last night. because of all the crews involved, this is where the gas the power east bay mud they all jump on that. this area looks like it is back to normal this morning. they have the use other techniques including garden houses and tapping in the system run water into people's songs. they cannot fix the roadway and so they fix what's underneath it. that could be another couple of months are sell. i can
9:35 am
see that this will be an ongoing process thus far as as long as the sun is up. they cannot work in the guard. this has affected so many people because this is a connecting road way and to ultimately highway 24. for one person said that at about 20 minutes to her commute because now instead of driving straight down here she has to go around and that will be hard for a lot of people this morning. there is this city manager that is the bank get him to come over. he wants to deal with his crew is that he is the city manager for the city of lafayette. we will see of weekend to a live interview at 945 or so the see what he thinks about this and how long repairs are going to take and how much pressure he is putting on crews to get it done. >> also damaged in the north
9:36 am
bay were white hill school in fairfax closed. jackie sissel has an update their. >> >> so we do not seem that jackie available. they have some floodwaters into the school and because of that they're checking for mall behind a wall that made its way from the water and to the walls. a prison sentences for doing everything to get the storm drains on clogged including using a break. many areas were flooded because of backed up storm drains. but there were it would get this mess cleared out by the afternoon. pedestrians walking gingerly trying to get to the flood waters. >> the u.s. supreme court takes no action on same-sex marriage cases. the courts
9:37 am
have ruled in california that prop 8 is unconstitutional. supporters appealed and the supreme court. if they do not hear the case of the california ruling stands and same-sex marriage will be legal in california. did they do decide to hear the case same-sex marriages will remain on hold until the court makes a decision which may not come down until june of next year. >> 28 days till the fiscal cliff a combination of automatic tax increases and spending cuts congress. president obama this is a plain political chicken right now. he is proposing that 600 billion in spending cuts and 200 building and is spending to stimulate county the economy. this say that republicans do not have a plan right now so we are in limbo until congress acts. hopefully the two weeks will get together and get through
9:38 am
their talks. >> three firefighters were involved in a net accident and weather-related they were on the shoulder of the highway when a car slammed into the side of the fire engine. three firefighters were hurt and the driver of the car that was involved in the original accident on the side of the road was hurt as well from the second car. here are photos of the firefighters and there in the hospital. two of the needed surgery but three of them all three are expected to survive. this 737 and a live look outside and san jose and traffic is moving slowly working its way. there is lots of sunshine.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> san jose has marked its
9:42 am
43rd homicide of the year. the most recent was a 70 year-old boy who was gunned down on a residential street on friday. they believe it's gang-related and this is 43 homicides this year which tops last year's 41 killings. the 2011 total was double the previous year's number of homicides. >> police officers of may 44% your arrest from last year it in just three years before. an average of 18 for your arrest per day. this year the city is facing a 22 percent spike in murders muggings and other major offenses. it raises questions about zero peaveys ability to make arrests which is already struggling under the weight of the job cuts and demands of federal court oversight. arrest were down 11% in the same period. police are now releasing this-in connection with the
9:43 am
murder of a high-profile venture capitalist and monte sereno. the suspect is a white or latino man about 23 to 24. 6 ft. tall black haired dark eyes and a light complexion. police found the body of robbie camorra friday in his monthly series on home near los gatos. his wife called and said it called the police and said that an assailant had ransacked home and beat her. susan hospital with minor injuries. >> eight more down of boys scouts denied his eagle scout that is because of his sexual orientation will be honored by the california state assembly. brian anderson came out earlier this year as being gay and built a tolerance wall at what team auriga of middle school to discourage bullying.
9:44 am
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a fresh-cut tri tip sirloin served with a succulent lobster tail. just $16.99. sizzler. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
9:47 am
that month for a much-needed break from all the rain we will get that today. we have areas of patchy fog, very limited but we do have some sunshine out there. this afternoon increasing clouds and we will be dry. it should be a pretty nice day. this evening the wins will be calmed. temperatures are in the lower '50s in oakland and a low bit cooler. concord is at 46 degrees. i looked at a satellite and radar picture shows a high pressure control for today. i feed cows might be streaming in for the next round of showers and rain will arrive on tuesday and wednesday. the folks in the north bay
9:48 am
have a better says bert showers and also moderate to heavy rainfall tuesday and wednesday. early tuesday morning we're not worried about rain tomorrow morning so the commute should be fine. we put this into motion and by the afternoon tomorrow maybe in the north bay palo must tender fell will see a chance for some scattered showers. later in the evening those showers will fly south and east. by 7:00 we'll see more light to moderate rain falling. heavier rain should be arriving especially in the north bay late tuesday night early wednesday morning. the yellow and oranges are where you see heavier showers but scattered in nature. wednesday morning looks like we could be encountering showers as well for your commute. after that a much quieter weather pattern sets out. highs for
9:49 am
today temperature for redwood city 61 cupertino lower 60s candle 61 mom view in the lower 60s as well. for the east bay 62 in walnut creek and for the north bay temperatures there 59 for richmond 64 napa and about no 60% fell upper 50s for downtown sam francisco. enjoy the break from the rain. 7 day around the bay forecast a little milder for wednesday pushing near to 60s on wednesday thursday will be drying out lower 60s and the week and looks pretty good. it looks rain free and looks to be a little bit on the milder side. it is 9:49 a.m. >> traffic is almost out and everyone is where they need to be. it is an easy ride across the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge, same story
9:50 am
very easy. the golden gate bridge is also looking good. all the sunshine is nice. >> the roads are still wet. the honeymoon is over for collin kaepernick in the forty-niners. rams cracker greg's airline connected a 54 yd field goal with 26 seconds left in overtime after booting a 53 year as time expired in regulation as the st. louis rams beat december cisco 4916 to 13. this team narrowly avoided a second tie in three weeks. despite the poor play and a few mistakes by cabinet he will be a starter next week.
9:51 am
it was because they did not sellout enough seats. brad and we've been there for a career high 364 yds and a touchdown and the browns did just enough to snap a slow game road losing streak by beating oakland 20 to 17. there hosting the denver broncos this thursday night. >> (male announcer) stanley roberts found some people behaving badly... when the rain hits the bay is not uncommon for traffic to back up on the 880 near dakota road. this drivers as a follow ed behind a told track of the only problem with that is she was driving on the shoulder. the driver of the pick up claim she had emergency at her restaurant. when it rains, street much goes out the window. the
9:52 am
driver and his wife car was spotted leaving in and out of the carpool lane in the rain and he was a solo driver. it is hard enough to navigate the roads when the weather is dry, it is even more difficult when visibility is limited. after officer hunter from the hayward office of the chp had a talk with him it was my turn. >> i was impatient and when i was in the right lane the car in front of me was going entirely too slow and i said let me go round every year and when i saw you all back there is that oh my goodness i'm going to give bull over. >> i can tell one hand is on the tired time drivers and that they were at fault. >> i was wrong, it was my fault i'm guilty. the carpool lane is a pretty hefty ticket. it is something in the 4 $500 range. >> don't remind me ok >> the careful in the rain. >> officers also said for disabled vehicles. this one
9:53 am
was occupied the drivers waiting for his wife to arrive. officer hunter instructed he told to and tell us what the real child for the as a child seat for the three year-old that was in the back. >> this is a 4 car fender bender where everyone pulled to the center divide. it is never a good idea to pull to the center divide. it was a danger as i stated inside the car. after the traffic break was created everyone was moved to the shoulders of out who was at fault. it well as all get to our destinations and in one piece of every hour would slow down and be attentive and drive to stay alive. >> this is the james lick intemperances go in traffic is good and nice and sunny. when the kron4 news and as
9:54 am
dr. phil will began and it is about online dating. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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>> book benedictus 16 has officially joined twitter launching his own personal twitter accounts. it was formally announced this morning and his twitter account is atpontifex. he already has 166,000 followers. he sent the first twitter for the vatican in 2011. >> the twilight valley and
9:58 am
sky fall continue to dominate the box office and the typically slow pose thanksgiving weekend. state-owned for dr. phil, we will be back tomorrow. [ male announcer ] are you ready for tomorrow's technology today?
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